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About Us

We are the ant colony which refuses to give up in supporting each other even in dire situations.


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Lear simple Analytical methods to –

  • Evaluate data
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  • Predict results from your work

This site is an initiative for freshers and post-graduate students to close the gap between the industry and education on understanding of data and application of the same on the day to day basis. The blogs posted here will take real life examples from several industries and show use of analytics to understand how data can be played with in real life.

This is going to help the freshers to gain up analytical skills to work with their data from their work place, analyze them and conclude for their work. This is going to make their life more easy than just working in a haphazard manner and on their whims.

This will help the students to complete their understanding of data and several techniques for their research, projects and thesis completion, and also will prepare them for strategic position in career.

Our Contributors

They are people having knowledge from several industry, and are sharing their hands on practiced data .

Readers can learn from the blogs, how the data is used and analysed in several industries.

Anyone interested to contribute can contact us in the given email